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A Full List Of Items Is Below! All stock is imported directly from the USA:

All USA Stock is LONGDATED, Please note substitutes maybe made due to stock levels.

2 x USA Fanta Pineapple 335ml

2 x USA Fanta Strawberry Soda 355ml

1 x USA Dr Pepper & Cream Soda 355ml

1 x USA Fanta Berry Soda 355ml

1 x USA Milky Way Salted Caramel Chocolate Bar 44.2g

2 x USA E-Frutti Sour Burger Candy 9g

1 x USA Large Theatre Box Mike And Ike Original Chewy Candy 141g

1 x USA KitKat Key Lime Pie Limited Edition 42g

1 x USA Cow Tales Caramel Brownie Chew Bar Goetze 28g

3 x USA Airheads White Mystery

6 x USA Nerds Mini Boxes Yellow & Purple

2 x USA Chewy Lemonhead Tropical Candy Ferrara Pan 23g

3 x USA Airheads Watermelon Candy 15.6g

2 x USA E-Frutti Hot Dog Candy 9g

1 x USA Fanta Grape Soda 355ml

1 x USA Milkyway Midnight Chocolate Bar 49.9g

2 x USA Laffy Taffy Watermelon Candy 42.5g

1 x USA M&M's Caramel 40g

1 x USA Rap Snacks Beef Prime Rib Ramen Noodles 64g

1 x USA King Size Milky Way Fudge Chocolate Bar 85.1g

4 x USA Jolly Rancher Lollipop ASSORTED

1 x USA Mike And Ike Cherry Chewy Candy 22g

1 x USA Sour Patch Kids Original Bag 56g

1 x USA Swedish Fish Mini's 56g

1 x USA Nerds Surf & Turf Raspberry & Tropical Bunch Box 47g

2 x USA Charms Blow Pop Cherry Flavour Lollipop 18.4g

2 x USA Charms Blow Pop Blue Razz Flavour Lollipop 18.4g

1 x USA Large Bag Herr's Horseradish & Cheddar Potato Chips 170g

2 x USA Airheads Blue Raspberry Candy 15.6g

2 x USA Airheads Grape Candy 15.6g

2 x USA Airheads Cherry Candy 15.6g



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