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 Purchase Our Four Best Selling Bargain Boxes At A MEGA Reduced Price.

You Will Receive:

1 x July 110 Item Haul

1 x Tremendous Treat Bargain Box

1 x Drinks Picnic Edition Bargain Box

1 x Biscuit Bargain Box

A Full List Of Items Is Below, Please Ensure You Have Checked The Dates And You Are Happy With Them Before Purchase.

On occasions items maybe substituted.


1 x White Bread Rolls 4pk Long-life By The Deli
BBE: 31/07/2021

1 x Brown Bread Rolls 4pk Long-life By The Deli
BBE: 28/07/2021

1 x Cadbury Roses Box 296g
BBE: 07/2021

2 x Walkers Sensations Poppadom’s Mango & Red Chilli Chutney 82.5g
BBE: 17/07/2021

1 x Black Bags 50l 40pk

1 x Robinsons Apple & Blackcurrant 1L
BBE: 03/2022

1 x Goldenfry Original Chicken Gravy Granules 300g
BBE: 09/2022

1 x Sweet Chilli Sauce 500g By Thurstons
BBE: 2022

2 x Tango Orange Bottles 500ml
BBE: 09/2021

16 x Rocky Caramel Biscuit Bars
BBE: 10/2021

2 x Coke Zero Cherry 330ml Can
BBE: 04/2022

5 x Skinny Whip Strawberry & Chocolate Snack Bar
BBE: 03/2022

2 x Safeway Mayonnaise 450ml
BBE: 07/2021

2 x Agnesi Spaghetti 500g
BBE: 2022

2 x Agnesi Penne Rigate 500g
BBE: 2022

10 x Mokate Gold Premium Unsweetened Taste Cappuccino Sachets
BBE: 11/2021

10 x Mokate Light Hot Chocolate Sachets
BBE: 10/2021

1 x Readyview Gadget & Glasses Wipes 30pk

1 x Milkybar CHOO Classic 10g

5 x Eastern Instant Noodles Vegetable Flavour
BBE: 11/2021

6 x Jacob’s Mini Cheddars 25g
BBE: 11/2021

5 x Skinny crunch mint & dark chocolate 75cal Bars
BBE: 11/2021

1 x Domestos Kitchen Cleaner Disinfectant 750ml

1 x Tusk Aloe Vera Sensitive Shaving Gel 200ml

1 x Body Fragrance Passion Tiama 75ml

6 x Wagon Wheels 6x Individually wrapped jammies
BBE: 10/2021

3 x Thurstons Sweetcorn & Peas Tins 18g
BBE: 2022

8 x Walkers Cheetos Cheese Puffs 8pk
BBE: 10/2021

6 x Frisps Assorted Pk
BBE: 11/2021

2 x Coke Zero 330ml Can
BBE: 04/2022

2 x Pepsi Max Raspberry Bottles 500ml
BBE: 09/2021

2 x Kolibri Bespoke CBD Dark Forest Non-Alcoholic Cockatil
BBE: 2/2021

2 x Kolibri Bespoke CBD Citrus Grove Non-Alcoholic Cockatil
BBE: 2/2021

2 x Radnor Drinks Can Tropical 330ml
BBE: 09/2021

2 x Bassetts Multivitamins 7-11 Years Raspberry Flavour
BBE: 08/2021

Limited Edition Yorkie Orange Chocolate Bar 46g
BBE: 01/2022

Bumper Bag Jelly Babies 225g
BBE: 02/2022
Jumbo Bag Of Fruit Pastilles 225g
BBE: 02/2022
Jumbo Bag Mint Humbugs 200g
BBE: 02/2022
Bumper Bag Liquorice Allsorts 225g
BBE: 09/2021
Bumper Bag Strawberry & Bubble-gum Mushrooms 200g
BBE: 02/2022
Bumper Bag Wine Gums 225g

BBE: 02/2022

Bumper Bag Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles Sweets 225g

BBE: 02/2022

Bumper Bag Black Jack Chews 200g

BBE: 02/2022

Bumper Bag Fox’s Glacier Mints 200g

BBE: 02/2022

Bumper Bag Rhubarb & Custard Hard Sweets 200g

BBE: 02/2022

Bumper Bag Fruit Jellies 300g

BBE: 02/2022

Bumper Bag Hard Gums 200g

BBE: 02/2022

Bumper Bag Dolly Mixture 200g

BBE: 02/2022

4 x Mr. Tom Peanut Bar 40g

BBE: 06/2021

Oreo White Bunny Peter Rabbit Limited Edition 100g

BBE: 31/07/2021

5 x Tango Orange Bottles 500ml

5 x Tango Dark Berry 500ml

3 x 7up Sugar Free 500ml

3 x Pepsi Max Raspberry 500ml

2 x Lipton Iced Tea Raspberry 500ml

2 x Lipton Iced Tea Peach 500ml

2 x Tango Strawberry and Watermelon 500ml

2 x Pepsi Diet 500ml

2 x Pepsi Max 500ml

2 x Pepsi Max Cherry 500ml


2 x Danish Delights Butter Cookies Tin 114g

BBE: 07/02/2022

1 x McVities Tasties Coconut Rings 300g

BBE: 28/08/2021

1 x McVities Tasties Ginger Nuts

BBE: 31/07/2021

1 x McVitie's Tasties Shorties 300g

BBE: 25/09/2021

1 x McVities Tasties Digestives 300g

BBE: 21/08/2021

1 x McVitie's Tasties Jam & Cream Sandwich 150g

BBE: 20/09/2021

1 x Thurstons Premium Dutch Peanut Rounds 150g

BBE: 17/08/2021

1 x Maryland Treats Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies 200g

BBE: 22/09/2021

1 x Maryland Treats Chocolate Chip Cookies 200g

BBE: 30/12/2021

1 x Lyons Rich Tea Biscuits 300g

BBE: 30/03/2022

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