October 120 Item Haul - BRAND NEW, MORE ITEMS!

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October 120 Item Haul


Please note you will receive everything pictured, however on occasions substitutes may be made!

A full list is below:

5 x Walkers Roast Chicken Crisps Grab Bag 45g

BBE: 06/11/2021

2 x Walkers Classic Variety Multipack 6x25g Pack (12 items)

BBE: 02/10/2021

2 x Monster Munch Pickled Onion Share Bag 72g

BBE: 23/10/2021

1 x Jacob's Mini Cheddars Sticks Grilled Cheddar & Sizzling Steak Share Bag 150g

BBE: 24/12/2021

1 x Fanta White Grape 1.75L

BBE: 25/06/2021

2 x Old El Paso Original Fajita Seasoning Mix 35g

BBE: 18/062022

2 x Cadbury Drinking Hot Chocolate Tub 250g                                        

BBE: 01/03/2023

2 x Old El Paso Crunchy Taco Shells 12 Pack 156g

BBE: 01/2022

2 x Old El Paso Hot & Tangy Sliced Jalapenos Jar 215g

BBE: 03/2023

1 x Cadbury Eclairs Share Bag 166g

BBE: 26/01/2022

1 x PG Tips Original Pyramid Tea Bags 80 Pack

BBE: 05/2022

3 x Gullon Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Digestive Biscuits 270g

BBE: 08/03/2022

3 x Gullon Sugar Free Digestive Biscuits 245g

BBE: 20/03/2022

3 x Gullon Sugar Free Maria Biscuits 400g

BBE: 17/12/2021

10 x Kent Crisps Ashmoor Cheese & Onion Hand Cooked Crisps 40g

BBE: 03/03/2022

5 x Nestle Cerelac Organic Wheat Oat & Carrot Snack 10Months+ 35g

BBE: 09/2021

1 x Nestle Multigrain Cheerios Box 375g

BBE: 10/2021

10 x Mixed Drinks Cans 330ml

BBE: 02/2022

1 x Mammoth Extra Strong 2 Ply Kitchen Towel

1 x USA Mike And Ike Sour Watermelon Candy 22g

BBE: 02/2022

1 x Silver Metallic Gift Bows 20pk

1 x Walkers Max Flamin' Hot 50g

BBE: 30/10/2021

1 x Hippeas Organic Chickpea Puffs In Herbs We Trust 78g

BBE: 28/01/2022

3 x Clear Bumper Bags Sweets 200g (Random Sent)

BBE: 12/2021

1 x Happy Snax Crisps Bumper Variety 15pk (15 items)

BBE: 02/2022

1 x Cadbury Chocolate Sharer Bar 80g (random sent)

BBE: 02/2022

4 x Quaker Oat So Simple Porridge Winter Vanilla Spice Limited Edition 4 Sachets

BBE: 14/08/2021

1 x Nicky Toilet Rolls 8pk (8 items)

1 x Hand Sanitizer

1 x Mcvities Biscuits Rich Tea 200g (type may vary)

BBE: 11/12/2021

2 x Mccoy's Mighty Meaty Variety Pack 6x25g

BBE: BBE: 30/10/2021

1 x Doritos Flamin Hot Cheese 150g

BBE: 24/10/2021

1 x Fox's Triple Chocolate Chunkie Cookies 180g

BBE: 16/10/2021

2 x Walkers Sour Cream & Sweet Chilli Kicker Grab Bag 45g

BBE: 25/09/2021

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