Mega May 110 Item Haul Box

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Please note you will receive everything pictured, however on occasions substitutes may be made!

A full list is below:

10 x Mokate Cappuccino Sachets
BBE: 2022

2 x Uncle Bens Savoury Chicken Rice 250g
BBE: 16/08/2021

1 x Hot Dog Rolls Sliced Long-life 4pk
BBE: 06/2021

8 x Keto Crunch Buffalo BBQ 40g
BBE: 30/04/2021

2 x Mr Kipling Lemonade & Elderflower Slices 6pk *In Clear Wrap*
BBE: 21/04/2021

12 x KITKAT 4 Finger Chocolate Bar 41.5g
BBE: 04/2021

1 x Body Fragrance Celeb Tiama 75ml

1 x Mammoth Extra Strong 2 Ply Kitchen Towel

4 x Agnesi Spaghetti 500g
BBE: 2023

1 x Bacofoil Non-stick Baking Paper 5m

10 x Mokate Gold Premium Irish Cream Latte Sachets
BBE: 10/2021

2 x Mr Kipling Salted Caramel Slices 6pk *In Clear Wrap*
BBE: 21/04/2021

4 x Agnesi Penne Rigate 500g
BBE: 2023

1 x Mr Kipling Chocolate & Orange Bunny Slices 8pk
BBE: 19/04/2021

5 x Pom-Bear Potato Snack Cheese n Onion 13g
BBE: 18/09/2021

2 x Aldiva Rotta Milk Choc Bar (Twix) 47g
BBE: 08/2021

5 x Goodwin’s Curry Flavour Instant Noodles
BBE: 08/2021

2 x Mr Kipling Peach & Vanilla Slices 6pk
BBE: 21/04/2021

8 x Keto Crunch Salt & Apple Cider Vinegar 40g
BBE: 30/04/2021

2 x Yo! Sharing Bag Crispy Katsu Curry Crackers 60g
BBE: 17/04/2021

1 x Rose’s Lime Juice Cordial The Original 1L
BBE: 08/2021

1 x Kiddylicious Blueberry Chunky Puffs 12g
BBE: 04/2021

2 x Yo! Sharing Bag Smokin’ BBQ Popped Chips 60g
BBE: 17/04/2021

5 x Walker’s Power Of The Sausage Roll
BBE: 03/2021

2 x Graze Smoky BBQ Crunch 31g
BBE: 07/2021

2 x Graze Coca Vanilla Oats 53g
BBE: 07/2021

2 x Graze Salt & Vinegar Crunch 28g
BBE: 07/2021

1 x Rubicon Raw Energy Cherry & Pomegrante 500ml
BBE: 07/2021

2 x USA Mini Laffy Taffy Sour Apple
BBE: 09/2021

2 x Kingsway Turkish Delight Milk Chocolate Bar 40g
BBE: 09/2021

2 x Tango Apple Can 330ml

2 x Tango Dark Berry Can 330ml

2 x Pepsi Max Can 330ml

1 x 50 resealable food freezer bags 17cmx19cm

1 x Ragu Pasta & Sauce Chicken & Mushroom Flavour 110g
BBE: 07/2021

1 x Classic BBQ Sauce 500g By Thurston’s
BBE: 07/2021

1 x Thurston’s Chic Peas 400g
BBE: 07/2021

3 x Thurston’s Peas & Carrots Tins 184g
BBE: 07/2021











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