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A Full List Of Items Is Below, All stock is imported directly from INDIA:

**Please note the date of manufacture is shown on the product, the BBE is 9 months after that**

All stock is LONGDATED, Please note substitutes maybe made due to stock levels.

3 x Milkybar CHOO Classic 10g (INDIA) 

2 x Milkybar CHOO STRAWBERRY 10g (INDIA)

2 x Milkybar CHOO MIXED FRUIT 10g (INDIA)

5 x Milkybar Eclairs (INDIA)

1 x Dairy Milk Crispello (INDIA) 13g

1 x Cadbury Shots 18g (INDIA)

2 x Dairy Milk Lolly (INDIA) 8g

1 x Cadbury Fuse Chocolate Bar 25g (INDIA)

1 x Kinder Creamy 19g (INDIA)

1 x Snickers Fruit & Nut 22g (INDIA)

2 x Cadbury Gems (INDIA) 18.96g

1 x Snickers Butterscotch (INDIA) 40g

1 x Cadbury 5 Star Oreo Chocolate Bar (INDIA) 42g

1Milkybar MOOSHA Caramel & Nougat Bar (INDIA) 20g


Updated On 21/10


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