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 Purchase Our Four Best Selling Bargain Boxes At A MEGA Reduced Price.

You Will Receive:

1 x USA Imports Box

1 x Biscuit Box

1 x Treat The Kids Box

1 x Mini Drinks Box

A Full List Of Items Is Below, Please Ensure You Have Checked The Dates And You Are Happy With Them Before Purchase.

On occasions items maybe substituted.


1 x USA USA Mountain Dew Frost Bite Soda 355ml

1 x USA USA Big Red Soda 355ml

1 x USA USA Fanta Grape Soda 355ml

1 x USA KitKat Duos Mocha + Chocolate 42g

1 x Milkybar Choo Classic 10g

1 x USA Rocky Road S'mores By Annabelle's 46g

1 x USA Large Theatre Box Mike And Ike Original Chewy Candy 141g

1 x USA Munch Nut Peanut Bar 2.28oz

1 x USA Airheads Strawberry Candy 15.6g

4 x Warheads Extreme Sour Sweets

1 x USA The Original Appleheads Candy 23g

1 x USA Takis Fuego Hot Chilli Pepper & Lime Tortilla Chips 68g

10 x 10 Pack Orginal Jaffa Cakes

5 x Pineapple 10 pack Jaffa Cakes

5 x Cherry 10 Pack Jaffa Cakes

1 x McVitie's Milk Chocolate Digestives

BBE: 23/10/2021

1 x Fruit-Tella Summer Fruits 135g

BBE: 10/2022

1 x Wagon Wheels 6x Individually Wrapped Jammies

BBE: 10/2021

2 x Aldiva Rotto Milk Chocolate Bar (Twix) 47g

BBE: 08/2021

1 x Chupa Chups The Best Of Lollipops 10 Assorted Flavours 120g

BBE: 12/2023

1 x Fruit-Tella Strawberry 4 x 41g

BBE: 12/2022

1 x Mokate Light Hot Chocolate 10 Sachets

BBE:  04/2022

1 x Maynards Bassetts Soft Jellies Fizzy Fish 160g

BBE: 10/12/2021

1 x McVities Digestives Lights 300g

BBE: 07/08/2021

1 x Popping Candy By The Candy Factory 8 x 6g

BBE: 11/2021

1 x Frisia Flying Saucer Cone 45g

BBE: 06/2022

1 x USA Airheads Orange Candy 15.6g

BBE: 04/2022

1 x Strawberry Trunks Bumper Bag Candy Factory 225g

BBE: 10/2021

1 x Lipton Ice Tea Raspberry 500ml - Long dated

1 x Lipton Ice Tea Peach 500ml - Long dated

1 x Tango Strawberry & Watermelon 500ml - Long dated

1 x Pepsi Max 500ml - Long dated

1 x Pepsi Max Cherry Bottle 500ml - Long dated

1 x Dark Berry Tango 500ml - Longdated


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