120 Pack Crisp Bargain Box - Long Dates

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The 120 Item Crisp Box Is Back & Regular! A Mix Of Your 14 Favourite Bags Of Crisps!

Whilst Dates Will Vary They Will All Have At Least 2 Months Date On!

In This Box You Will Receive:

8 x Cheetos Flamin' Hot

5 x Pom-Bear Cheese & Onion

6 x Walkers Quavers Cheese

6 x Walkers Monster Munch Roast Beef

8 x Walkers Cheetos Cheese Puffs

5 x Burtons Fish N Chips Salt & Vinegar

6 x Walkers Crinkles Simply Salted

5 x Walkers Wotsits

6 x Discos Variety Mix

6 x Smiths Frazzles Crispy Bacon Flavour

6 x Roysters Bubbled Chips T-Bone Steak

6 x Walkers Crinkles Cheddar & Onion

8 x Space Raiders Beef

18 x Happy Snax

6 x Jacob's Mini Cheddar's

8 x Space Raiders Pickled Onion

6 x Golden Wonder Wheat Crunchies Crispy Bacon

 UPDATED 16/03

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