What Were The Most Popular Lockdown Hobbies?

Whether furloughed, self-isolating, or joining the millions working from home, many people found themselves with time on their hands during the lockdown, particularly during the time that shops, cinemas, pubs and restaurants were forced to close. And there’s only so much online shopping you can do!

However, many people used the time to pick up a new hobby or develop an existing one that didn’t require travelling or close contact with anyone outside their household. Whether it was finally finishing Breaking Bad on Netflix, or discovering a skill that you might now have turned into a small business, many people found new passions over the last 16 months.

We have a look at the five most popular pastimes from the lockdown.


Embracing Your Inner Baker

You’d struggle to find anyone who didn’t try baking at least once over the past year. Banana bread was the early front runner, and sourdough soon overtook it as people put their newfound skills to the test. There was even a yeast and flour shortage in the country, as new bakers flocked to YouTube to seek out new recipes.


Cultivating A Green Thumb

With travel limited, and people stuck at home all day, many turned to their gardens to reconnect with nature and discovered green-fingered skills. Whether it was growing simple succulents to brighten up the garden, or cultivating a vegetable patch to develop more sustainable lifestyles, gardening became a source of mindfulness and calm for many.

Tables, windowsills, balconies, patios, decks, and backyards were taken over by gardens and potted plants in all shapes and sizes as people learned how to grow them and keep them healthy.


Superhero Workout Routines

Since people had time to stream their favourite movies, they began to wonder how they could transform themselves into their favourite action heroes. They started looking at a list of superhero workout routines and adapting them to fit their bodies, abilities, and time constraints.

Some people got into the best shapes of their lives while others fell in love with working out and building a routine to help better themselves. No matter your ability level, it was suddenly possible to dedicate 10 minutes to an hour to work out.


Experimenting With Arts Or Crafts

Online retailers experienced a huge boom in the sales of arts and crafts supplies, as people wanted to get creative and pick up new skills such as painting, knitting, crocheting, embroidery, or any other art or craft that takes a decent amount of patience and skill to do well.

Arts and crafts have become instant hits over the past year or so, and many people chose to revisit arts or crafts that they had lost time for previously.


Learning To Cook

With restaurants closed, cooking became a top pick for lockdown hobbies, and instead of relying on their favourite eatery for fine dining, people began looking up tutorials and fancy recipes to cook and enjoy at home. People had fun experimenting with new flavours, food styles, and recipes and washed them down with homemade cocktails.

The past 16 months have been a new experience for everyone, and it has been good that people have filled their time with new experiences and learning new skills.


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