The Big Rebrand


By now, you know that we are having a rebrand. Yes, Bargain Foods is no more… we have now transitioned into Click Marketplace. Why? Well, allow us to explain... 

What you might not know is that we have not always been the online supermarket you have come to know and love. In fact, before Bargain Foods was Founded, The family run business that had established over 10 years in the industry was and still are one of the biggest supermarkets on all major music festivals in the UK. 


Where it all began: 

Initially after years of building relationships, the founders opened shops at hundreds of the UK’s biggest festivals including Boomtown, Festival of Speed, Boardmasters, Download, Reading/Leeds and many more. However, there was often surplus food / goods left over from these festivals that would simply go to waste. 

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This is where the Family Run Business came together and suggested selling the left-over goods (outside of the festival scene) at massively discounted prices. And thus, Bargain Foods was born! The first launch of Bargain Foods was high street shops in various locations, one of which was opened by the Mayor of Dudley and Wolverhampton Wanderers Legend, Steve Bull!

It was due to such a huge quantity of stock that the decision was made to begin selling solely online. Which brings us up to date!

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Obviously, when the planet goes into a global lockdown, things are going to get a little turbulent. For most people and businesses this sadly meant temporarily closing, working from home or even permanently closing.

However, for Bargain Foods we faced some of the busiest months we had ever seen! Being an online store offering home delivery of long-life and store cupboard supplies as well as pet supplies, homeware, and cleaning products we were inundated with orders, as you can probably imagine. 

It was at this point that the company began to expand, take on more staff and invest more time into social media and development of an online presence. You may have tuned into one of the live videos hosted by Charlie and ‘Baby Blondie’. These videos reached millions of people across the nation and we had such an amazing response from customers saying how the videos cheered them up and brought a smile to their face which we absolutely loved! 

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So why change?

You may be wondering why we have decided to rebrand to Click Marketplace?

The short answer is that the Online Shopping industry is constantly changing and evolving, and we want to keep up with that! We are modernizing and updating our stock, so over the coming weeks expect to see more household and cleaning, more electronics and even some furniture goods. It is due to this that we no longer feel that having ‘Foods’ in the name really encapsulates all that we do. 

Our customers have always been at the centre of what we do, and we are committed to delivering them top class products, with top class service at top class prices!


What has changed?

Apart from the obvious changes such as the logo, the only thing you will see different is the increase in a wider variety of stock. 

We listened to what our customers wanted and due to popular demand, we are bringing you more household, more giftsets and more cleaning products.

You can still expect live videos from Charlie and ‘Baby Blondie’ and of course, you can still expect our amazing customer service. 

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If you are a new customer, we welcome you to Click Marketplace, we are sure you will LOVE what you find.  

If you are a returning customer, thank you for sticking with us, we love you for that. We hope you continue to shop with us and keep coming back for more amazing deals. 

Stay safe everyone. 

The Bargain Foods Team.