How To Grill The Perfect Burger

Summer is almost here, and we can once again socialise with our friends and family. But while the pandemic still has restrictions in place, not everyone wants to gather indoors, which means a summer BBQ is ideal for getting all your long-missed friends and relatives together again.

The starts of the Euro 2020 football tournament is also expected to boost the economy with sales of beers and burgers, according to The Mirror, so we wanted to look at how to make and grill the perfect burger. At least then if England gets knocked out, there’s tasty food to soak up all the beer!

With a few simple burger grill tips for how to grill hamburgers, your homemade burgers will rival the best juicy hamburgers from your favourite restaurant.

Grilling burgers isn’t too challenging, but to cook them like a pro, does require some basic information, from the ground beef used, preparing your burgers, and how to grill them perfectly.


Which ground beef to use for grilling burgers

Ground chuck is the best ground beef to use for burgers. This is the beef that comes from front beef shoulders and has a higher fat content which gives it flavour and keeps the burger moist while grilling.

You should look for ground beef with a 15 to 20 per cent fat content to make a delicious juicy burger. You can combine different ground meats to achieve different flavours, such as beef and chorizo or beef and pork, just be sure to keep the fat content in the 15-20 per cent sweet spot!


What to add to the ground beef to make it stick together?

In short - nothing at all! Unlike something like meatballs that need a binder such as breadcrumbs to help it stick together, good ground beef with the right fat content is all that you need for the perfect burger.


The steps to grilling the perfect burger

Prepare your patties and chill them. Make your burger patties early, and refrigerate them to ensure they stay intact while cooking. Try not to over-handle them, as it can compress the meat and melt the fat.

Stick Your Thumb in It. Pressing your thumb into the centre of the prepared burger to make a divot will keep it from bulging as it grills. It keeps the burgers nice and flat.

Brush burgers with olive oil before grilling. This might sound excessive but it ensures the burgers won’t stick on the grill and will take on a nice sear, sealing the juices inside.

Resist the urge to push on a burger when grilling! This only squeezes out flavourful juices that keep the burger moist.

Only turn once. It is best to turn a burger the fewest times possible. Grill experts recommend starting with a hot grill, allowing a 2-3 minute sear on one side and turning to fully cook on the opposite side. This keeps the burger intact and juicy.

Check the internal temperature. There are many rules of thumb on how to check to see if a burger is cooked, but the safest way is to use an instant-read meat thermometer and ensure the internal temperature has reached 70ºC/160ºF. Also, the meat will continue to cook once it is removed from the grill.

Allow burgers to rest before serving. Once the burgers are done, place them on a platter to ‘rest’, or sit for about 5 minutes before serving which allows the burger to remain juicy and intact.

And then enjoy! Load up your burger buns with salt and cheese, and hot sauce for the adventurous!


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