How To Bring The Festival Experience To Your Home

You simply can’t beat the festival experience, the live music, the hedonistic atmosphere, camping out with friends, even the rain, mud, horrible toilets, and being unable to find your tent at midnight, they all add up to long weekends to remember!

But with half of this year's festivals cancelled due to the pandemic, music fans may have to wait until 2022 to fully immerse themselves in festival culture again. However, nothing is stopping you from recreating the experience, or as near as you’ll get to it, at home.

We have a look at some ideas to help you create your own mini-festival in your garden this summer.


  1. The Teepee

It wouldn’t be a festival without a huge teepee or yurt for you and your revellers to hang out in, but remember to fill it with cushions, bright, summery throws, and plenty of patterned, bright bunting!


  1. Dine out

At any festival, the air is filled with the smells of cooking run the air, whether it’s a deposable BBQ at the campsite or the wide range of exotic food stalls.

If you’re going to be dancing in the sun all day, you’ll need food, so why not devise a festival food and drinks menu, and get the BBQ going and serve up a range of burgers and wraps, as well as cheap crisps and snacks to keep you going.


  1. Decorate

A few simple tweaks to garden furniture will transform your lawn to the Secret Garden Party in no time. String some colourful ribbons from chairs, make daisy chains, and let the summer breeze bring the whimsy to life.


  1. Get Arty

Any good festival will have a range of eye-popping artwork on display, or unexpected sculptures and installations hidden on-site. Why not bring this vibe to your festival, or provide art materials for your guests to create their own.


  1. Dress up and get silly

Fingers crossed you won’t need wellies and rainwear, and you can indulge in some festival fancy dress. Why not fill a hamper or box with fancy dress pieces, such as frills, masks, feathers, glitter, sequins, day-glow, fringing, tribal print-covered materials and get fancy-dressed not dressed fancy!


  1. Record the craziness

Why even bother going to a festival if you’re not going to post about it on Instagram? And it’s no different here. Make some cool frames and signs to pose with and in and create some treasured memories.


  1. Hang out

Even the most experienced festival party-goer will need to take time to relax and recharge. Create a chill-out area with a hammock in the shade to grab a few minutes of quiet time or a nap! You can then rejoin the fun feeling refreshed and ready for more!


  1. Turn up the volume

Obviously, you’ll need music! Get all your guests to collaborate on some favourite festival classics for a Spotify playlist, get some Bluetooth speakers dotted around the garden and blast it out until the neighbours complain! Or you could simply invite them.


  1. Be a firestarter

Twisted firestarter! There are always fire-eaters and fire-performers at festivals. Not that we suggest you should attempt any of that yourself, but a fire pit will add a sense of festival magic when the sun starts to go down.


  1. Create a nighttime fairy grotto

Give a gazebo an overhaul and create a glowing haven, worthy of a fortune-teller, Shaman… or just your friends. A couple of lengths of a boldly coloured fabric, some interwoven fairy lights and lanterns, a table and chairs – instant bohemian rhapsody.


  1. Live staging

If you have a projector, why not set it up to show a favourite live performance, using a sheet over a washing line as your screen, or maybe a video of psychedelic patterns to dance against.


  1. Glitter and sparkle

Want the drama of main-stage pyrotechnics in your back garden, terrace or on your rooftop? Fireworks always offer a ‘wow’ moment, but sparklers or glow sticks are an even easier (and more cost-effective) way to pretend you are at Glasto, enjoying the simple things!


  1. Stargaze

Once the headline act has packed up, and the after-party is dwindling, a little stargazing goes down a treat. It doesn’t matter where you are (as long as light pollution isn’t ruining the view) the awe-inspiring sight always does something for the festival-going soul.


  1. Sleep outdoors and wake up with the dawn…

Feeling refreshed with a post-party glow and the smell of dew of the grass. The go get a show in the house, which is one thing you can’t do at a festival!

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