Have You Found A Crafty Lockdown Hobby?

The lockdown has caused stress and strains to households across the UK, and one of the most prevalent problems for many is boredom from being unable to go out and find activities to do.

However, it need not be that way, as many people have discovered the joy of arts and crafts throughout the past year. It might sound like activities to keep the kids entertained, but being crafty is not what it once was.

These days, embroidery can be practised by cross-stitching your favourite swear words, and crocheting can be used to create three-dimensional representations of your favourite people. Many people have found new musical skills, or have taken to creative writing, anything that engages the brain and distracts from the monotony of the lockdown.

If you are looking to pick up a new creative hobby, but not sure exactly what and where to start, we have a few suggestions for you.



Embroidery was once considered quite an old fashioned hobby, and something mainly used to fix clothing. But now it has come back in full force and people have turned this craft into something abstract and freehand with pieces of cloth being used to display messages and appeal to just about everyone’s aesthetic.

Full embroidery kits can be found on sites such as Etsy, complete with all the materials needed to create a masterpiece to go on the wall, or simply a motif to add to clothing or a tea towel.



It is a common misconception that you need the use of a kiln and special materials to get crafty with pottery. While many pottery courses will offer access to all those things, there are many clays that do not require the specialised equipment.

Clay work can be as simple as taking what you have in mind and transforming it into a three-dimensional shape. It may take some practice, but it’s lots of fun and very therapeutic.


Miniature Models

Miniature modelling can bring many benefits from feeling accomplished over piecing a realistic, non-life-sized building together, to using paints and other mediums to make it resemble the idea you had in your head.

Miniatures are a sub-category of models which has skyrocketed in recent years, especially with architecturally-accurate designs and paints that encompass a wide array of colours.


Jewellery Making

If you're looking for something to make you feel and look good, jewellery-making is a hobby that keeps many people busy. From earrings to rings and bracelets and everything in between, adding your own touch to a special, one-of-a-kind piece that boosts the wearer's confidence.



Anything from beanies to crop tops and even blankets could be all use with the help of one crochet needle and some yarn. There are plenty of YouTube tutorials that will help beginners learn the most important stitches and once you have that down, the sky is truly the limit.

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