Have You Clocked Our 110-Item Haul Box Yet?

We know how tight some budgets are, especially at the moment, with the pandemic and lockdowns putting a real strain on finances for many households around the country… which is why you might want to check out our 110-item haul box that we have on offer this July.

We’ve price compared this and it can help you save a pretty penny indeed on lots of common household items, with the box including everything from white and brown bread rolls, bin bags, Robinsons juice and Cadbury Roses to spaghetti, mayonnaise, cappuccino sachets, Coke Zero, instant noodles, Mini Cheddars… the list goes on and on!

All this and a whole lot more besides can be yours for the princely sum of £29.99, so it really is worth taking a quick look - especially when you consider that the total value of the box is actually £89.99!

It’s one of our most popular products, in fact, and we even recently received a write-up in the Sun newspaper after one of their journalists received one of the boxes herself and thought it was such good value that she just had to feature us on the website!

Including this box as part of your weekly or fortnightly big shop can really help you stick to your budget while keeping the whole family well fed and happy.

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