Gen Xers Are ‘Digital Bargain Hunters’

It seems that those in Gen X (people who are aged 39 to 54) are a generation of bargain hunters, with digital retail playing an important role in their shopping habits.

Earlier this month, eMarketer shared research indicating that those in Gen X are taking the time to compare prices and look for the best deals across a range of products. The publication cited research conducted by CouponFollow last year, which found that 86 per cent of those in this age group would be more likely to try a new brand if they were offered a discount or coupon.

In addition, many Gen Xers are using both on and offline resources to compare prices across retailers to find the best deals.

Tyson Cornell, US consumer markets lead at PwC, said that while the pandemic has sharpened people’s desire to save money, it was a trend that was happening before Covid-19 hit.

“Even before the pandemic, we saw more and more consumers shopping at discount brands, as well as at retailers that offered rental and resale opportunities,” he stated.

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Meanwhile, an article for DMS Insights offered some suggestions as to why Gen Xers are becoming such keen bargain hunters, and it’s not all about the thrill of finding a good deal. For instance, the news provider noted that those in Gen X often have bigger than average households, which means they found their incomes squeezed in the upheaval of 2020.

The publication noted that just over half (51 per cent) in this age group cut back on discretionary spending in 2020 as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and its effects.

It also pointed to data showing that those in Gen X are increasingly prioritising online grocery retailers, with more and more people in this generation becoming confident in using digital ecommerce offerings.

Although some of the shift to digital commerce was driven by the impact of the global pandemic, the news provider shared research showing that just over one quarter (27 per cent) of Gen Xers believe their new, more digitally focused shopping habits will stick going forward.

Last year, an article for the Independent offered some advice to digital bargain hunters, particularly those looking for groceries and household items online.

One of the newspaper’s top tips was to sign up for in-stock alerts for any items that might be in short supply, or that are expected to fly off the shelves. Obviously, early on in the pandemic this would have included the likes of toilet paper and hand sanitiser.

Another piece of advice is to look beyond the retailers you may be familiar with from the high street. There are plenty of online retailers that don’t have a high street presence and, if their supply chains are different, there is a chance you might find something in stock online before it’s back on physical shelves.

It also pays to do your research to find out which sites offer the best deals on different products, and to check reviews of other customers as well. 

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