Essential Kitchen Furniture Accessory Trends

While there has been a huge increase in people undertaking DIY home improvements over the last year, not everyone is ready to rip out their kitchens and start fresh. But that doesn’t mean you can’t give the busiest room in the house a fresh new look by investing in some new kitchen accessories.

Whether you’re looking for new tool and gadgets to improve your lockdown baking skills or searching for solutions for decluttering the kitchen or simply wanting to brighten the room up a bit, we have some ideas for you here.


Appliances built into shelves

For a kitchen with limited space, built-in appliances are the best way to avoid filling up precious countertop space. These appliances are also ideal for modern designed kitchens and feature a clean and elegant look, which exudes a contemporary vibe.

A very popular integrated kitchen accessory has to be a wine cooler. A built-in wine cooler is built to the same depth as your kitchen shelves, which will allow you to maximise the space you have.


Adding art to the kitchen

Artwork can instantly add personality to your kitchen. Whether you want sculptures, painting, and other decorative art pieces, when chosen carefully, these art pieces can set the mood of your kitchen and improve the room's overall look and feel.

Look for artwork that has colours that compliment the overall design of your kitchen. For a neutral colour scheme, a painting with bold colours will instantly add a wow factor to the room. Be sure to place any paintings where they will not be damaged from water or heat.

Every room should one statement piece that will take it to the next level, and an oversized painting or sculpture can be the perfect choice for your kitchen.

Art a great way to inject personality into your kitchen without having to do any major changes. If you're only renting the place, you can even take your art with you when you leave.


Embedded wine racks

If you have found an appreciation of fine wine during the lockdown, you don’t need to have a fully stocked wine cellar to be a true wine enthusiast. Wine racks are a great way of showing off your collection.

Embedded wine racks are one of the latest kitchen furniture accessory must-haves. They can be mounted and embedded into your kitchen wall, helping you maximise the available space.


Smart technology

Another way to upgrade your kitchen without doing a full renovation is to make smart updates to some of the appliances and accessories. There are plenty of smart gadgets out there that can certainly improve the way your kitchen works.

From smart speakers that will allow you to control, various gadgets in the home and kitchen with voice commands, to motion sensor lights in cupboards there are smart solutions for everyone! You don’t have to spend a fortune on gadgets either, as there are budget models of most products that are easier on your bank balance.

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