Creative Adventures For The Summer Holidays

For children eagerly awaiting the end of the school year and the start of the summer holidays, the end of July must feel like the end of next year, but for parents, it is coming up fast, so you better get prepared to ensure the little ones aren’t under the feet while you continue to work from home this summer.

Despite the pandemic, there will be some children’s activities happening over the six-week summer holiday, and the cost of some may even be covered by the government. But for those moments when you need to find ways to keep the kids entertained at home, we have some creative ideas to help!



A big box of coloured chalks is an inexpensive purchase, and the kids can head outside into the garden or patio and draw and colour on the ground to their heart’s content, creating huge pieces of artwork for everyone to see.

Best of all, there’s little cleaning top to do, as the rain will wash it all away!



Set off for a walk in the woods or the park, and get the kids to collect interesting sticks and stones, and then once home they can get crafting with them.

Draw around them, paint them with bright colours, or tie string around them to create wooden wind chimes to hang in the garden. Cheap, cheerful, and will keep them busy for hours.



Kids of all ages love to play with bubbles! From the garden to the park, or even on the beach you can have some creative fun with bubbles.

Bubble painting is great fun in the garden. Layout some big pieces of paper, make some different colour bubble mixtures with some washing up liquid, water, and a little water-based paint, give the kids some straws and let them loose!


Set up a marble run

If your children have a collection of marbles or lightweight balls such as table tennis balls, then try creating a marble run with the kids. All you need is some toilet roll/kitchen roll tubes and cardboard to create an obstacle course for the marbles to run down. See how long you can make it without the balls falling off the track!


Mess around with doodling

If you have plenty of scrap paper lying around the house, then doodling is one of the best creative uses for it. Get the kids to express themselves in any way they wish and put down their thoughts and ideas onto paper with some fun doodling.

If they get stuck for some inspiration, then there are videos on YouTube that will help get them started!


Bake something tasty in the kitchen

Cooking and baking with the kids is one of the best things to do. There are so many simple recipes you can try out with your children, including no-bake cake recipes for those with children not old enough to be around a hot oven.


Get them gardening

Growing plants is great fun and it’s even more fun if they can watch their work get bigger and flower in front of their eyes. There are lots of plants that even a young child can grow without too much trouble, from small trees to herbs and vegetables. Sunflowers are ideal, as they grow quickly, and the kids can have a competition to see who’s grows the tallest!

If you don’t have a garden, then a window box or small pots are the answer and it won’t matter what time of year you plant them. Try growing herbs like basil, parsley or cress – that way they can eat them once they’ve grown.


Make a rain gauge

The summer should be all about sun, but UK summers are known for their rain, so why not help the kids create a weather station with a rain gauge to measure how much rain falls, a wind vane to see which direction the wind is coming from, and maybe buy a cheap barometer to teach them about air pressure. They can then keep notes in a weather diary of all their findings. 

How to make a rain gauge

  • You just need an empty two-litre plastic bottle, which you cut two-thirds of the way up. Then turn the top part of the bottle upside down and place it in the bottom part using sticky tape to secure.
  • Use a ruler to make a scale in centimetres on a piece of tape and stick it on the bottle.
  • Find an open space in the garden away from any shelter and dig a hole to bury the gauge so that around 5cm of it is sticking out of the ground.
  • Then simply check your rain gauge every day at the same time, measure the amount of rain it has collected and empty the bottle.


If you need cheap arts and crafts supplies for the kids this summer, visit our website today.