Beginners Toolkit Essentials For DIY Projects

We are a nation of DIY lovers, and the lockdowns of the past year have granted us plenty of opportunities to get stuck into a project.

But whether you’re wanting to renovate your home or just be able to perform a few simple DIY jobs around the home, a tool kit is essential, but where do you start, and what do you need? We have a look at some toolkit essentials.


DIY Toolkit Essentials

You may already have some of these, and you may find you need more specialist tools as you learn and progress, but here are the essentials

Tape Measure: A good tape measure will be your best friend on any project. Always remember to measure twice and cut once!

Hammer: A hammer needs little introduction, but you may want one for hammering in nails, and maybe a smaller one for more delicate work.

Screwdrivers: You likely have one or two screwdrivers lying around, but it’s good to ensure toy have a range of sizes and types, both crosshead and flat head types, and ones with magnetic tips will prevent you from losing screws.

Spirit Level: From hanging artwork to installing moulding, you will need a level to make sure everything is straight and perfectly aligned.

Power Drill: A rechargeable power drill will be a valuable tool to help you in a range of jobs, from making holes to screwing in stubborn screws. You will also need a variety of drill bits.

Clamps: Clamps are very useful as an extra set of hands or just to hold pieces of wood together.

Stud Finder: An essential tool for any work where you need to screw or hammer a nail into a wall, as it will help you detect where studs are in the wall.

Assortment of Screws and Anchors: A DIYer should always have a variety of screws and anchors in your toolkit to be able to hang anything in seconds.

Set of Pliers: You need a good set of pliers to yank out a nail or to grip something or cut wires etc.

Socket Wrench Set: It may not be a tool you use regularly, but it will be worth its weight in gold if you have to deal with any nuts and bolts.

Safety Goggles: If you’re working with a saw you need to be wearing one of these. You don’t want a splinter in your eye.

Dust Mask: Other than COVID protection you need a dust mask for woodworking or spray painting.

Masking tape: From painting walls to visualising projects, masking tape is a must-have for your toolkit.

Toolbox: You need a place to store all your new tools and keep everything organised

Always be careful with tools to help prevent any accidents, either to yourself, other members of your household, or damage to what you’re working on. Also, know your limits and never undertake a project that is out of your skill range, and always hire a professional for jobs that involve electricity or plumbing.


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