Affordable DIY Tips To Transform Your Home

Many of us have been looking at undertaking some DIY around the home, but for those not in a position to rip out kitchens and bathrooms and replace them with new ones, there are many ways to decorate and give your home a refresh without breaking the bank.

According to Wales Online, the extra time spent at home over the last year has led 7 out of 10 people to invest up to £5,000 in home improvements, which is around the same as what the average family of four would spend on a two week holiday, and seven per cent have spent between £5,000 and £20,000.

But people can easily update their tired interiors on a budget, by reusing and repurposing items and making small changes that can make a big difference. We have a look at some affordable DIY tips.



Painting can be a relatively inexpensive way of refreshing a room, but to cut costs further, you can colour match the paint you choose. Find the colour tones and shades you want from the expensive brands, and then colour match them.

By using a service such as the Decorating Centre Online, you can provide a reference for the paint you want, and they can mix and send you the exact same colour, but in a trades paint.

You can also get paint tester pots from the Decorating Centre Online, which contain 350ml of paint, which can go much further than you expect.



Upcycling your old furniture or buying secondhand items is a great way to save money and put your own unique twist on a piece of furniture. But if you can’t find a way to upcycle an item then it may be time to repurpose it.

There are a wealth of YouTube videos that will show you how to upcycle furniture, as well as providing plenty of inspiration using just the materials that are already in your home.

Charity shops, Facebook marketplace, and Gumtree are great for picking up older vintage items. Secondhand furniture can have more character and a background story that new furniture can lack.

An easy way to upcycle items such as drawers, cabinets and wardrobes is to replace the handles, which can be bought for little money from places such as Home Sense and Wilko.



Repurposing can create fresh, new decoration around the home. If you save all the diffuser bottles and glass jars and pots, or glass items you may have bought for another purpose, you can use them for little vases for table decoration, or to add a feature to bookshelves.


Flowers and botanicals

Flowers, botanicals and foliage can be used to create natural decor all the while spending no money. Explore your garden to find flowers and botanicals and foliage to save money instead of buying them from florists or garden centres.

You could even ask friends, family or neighbours if they would like to trade any such items from their own garden too.

Floral and botanical arrangements using basic finds from your garden can be a satisfying and creative project to keep you busy through the lockdown, and you can even use your paint tester pots to add colour to plant pots.


Crafting and making

Many people have taken up craft hobbies during the lockdown, as not only is it a great creative outlet, but it is a great way to manage stress and anxiety. Building, making, and creating things can be very cathartic, and you also gain decor to place around the home or to gift to others.


Growing your own

If your exploration of the garden comes up a bit empty-handed, then try growing your own plants and flowers. Growing as much of your own as possible will save a lot of money on buying fresh plants and flowers.

Also, try growing your own vegetables to save money in the kitchen too.


Use discount codes

Using discount codes, looking out for offers and shopping in sales is also another sure way to save money on homeware items that can be pricey. And everyone loves finding a bargain!


Do your research

One of the most important tasks when committing to a DIY home improvement project is to fully research what you like and what kind of style you want in your home so you can avoid making any mistakes later on.

Pinterest and Instagram are very good for inspiring your interiors and help you build mood boards.


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