7 Kitchen Tools Every Baker Needs

Did you take up any new hobbies during the lockdown? For some, it was learning to play a musical instrument, or pick up some practical skills like DIY. But one of the biggest trends early in the lockdown was banana bread and sourdough bread, as amateur bakers took to the kitchen to create all manner of baked goods.

But whether you’re a beginner, or considering entering the World Cup of Baking in Paris, every baker needs the right kitchen tools to get the job done. We wanted to have a look at the essential kitchen tools and equipment for every baker, whether it’s for yourself or a gift for the sourdough bread lover in your life.


1. Oven thermometer

Unless you have a brand new or recently calibrated oven, it’s likely that the temperature you set it to is not the true temperature you need. You might want 180ºC, but it could be off by 10 degrees or so, and the incorrect temperature could ruin your hard work.

An oven thermometer is an inexpensive tool to place in your oven so you always know exactly what the actual temperature is.


2. Hand mixer

A stand more is the bakers' dream appliance, but they can be a rather expensive purchase. However, hand mixers are ideal for beginner bakers. They’re affordable and so very useful.


3. Kitchen scales

The key to delicious and quality baked goods is to ensure you use the exact measurements from your recipe and to get that right, you need kitchen scales. Precision is everything in baking, and estimating your ingredients is a recipe for disaster, not cupcakes! Scales are inexpensive, and will improve your baking skills no end!


4. Silicone baking mats

Whether it’s cookies or roasting vegetables, silicone baking mats will change your life. Parchment paper is fine, but as we all strive to become more sustainable in our everyday lives, these silicone baking mats are reusable, and their non-stick surface makes them ideal for pouring out toffee or brittle to cool, rolling out cinnamon roll dough, pie dough, pizza dough, and more.


5. Cooling racks

You must never let your cakes, cupcakes, muffins, etc to cool in the pan on the counter. The lack of airflow to the bottom of your freshly baked goods means they will continue cooking after you’ve taken them out of the oven. Cooling racks are imperative to stop the cooking process and let your creations cool evenly.


6. Mixing bowls

That’s bowls, plural. One will never be enough, and you should consider buying a set in different sizes for all the different ingredients. Bowls with rubber feet or bases will stop the bowl from sliding around your kitchen counter while you mix your dough.


7. Measuring cups and spoons

As with scales, measuring cups and spoons will ensure you have the exact right amounts of your ingredients, bringing you one step closer to the perfect baked goods! It could be a good idea to get sets that measure metric and imperial, so those American recipes that use cups don’t need to be converted into easier measurements.


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