7 Brilliant Budget Home Improvement Hacks

Many of us have been spending far too long lately staring at the same four walls, and thinking it would be nice to have a change! Maybe you have been put off the idea of redecorating because of the expense and hassle. Here are some tips which are reasonably cheap and uncomplicated, and could give you a mood-boosting beautiful home.


  1. Paint your cupboards

If your kitchen or bathroom cupboards are looking dated or worse for wear, it is quick and easy to revive them with a coat of paint. If they are made from a nice natural wood that just looks a bit tired, then a layer of varnish will give them new life.

Otherwise, you could try chalk paint, which is odourless, dries rapidly, and is available in a range of bright modern colours. For that distressed ‘shabby chic’ feel, sand the cupboards down first.


  1. Whiten grouting

Mould and limescale build up around bathroom or kitchen tiles is a common problem. You can remove stains by dipping an old toothbrush in bleach or grout cleaner, and scrubbing. If the mould persists, you could try an anti-mould grout pen, which covers the stains and leaves the surface fresh and white.


  1. Create a feature wall

If the prospect of repainting your entire living space or bedroom is too overwhelming, then you could just pick one wall for an accent of colour. It could even simply be the prominent wall around the chimney breast. Choose a complementary colour that will bring out the existing décor— matching the cushions or curtains, for example.


  1. Stencil tiles

To give a unique twist to a tiled area such as a kitchen splashback, you could give stencilling a go! Simply paint the tile with chalk paint and leave to dry. You can either buy or create your own stencil pattern, and tape down securely, then use a paint roller to fill in the design. You can use multiple colours to add interest.


  1. Make a gallery wall

Pick a theme and create a mood board of your favourite images. Pinterest is a great free tool to use for design or just inspiration here. You don’t need a grand idea, just some cool patterns and textures can look stylish. Make a collection of prints and frame them in simple plain frames of varying sizes, and position them to suit your taste.


  1. Use stair stickers

If your stair carpet is threadbare but you don’t want the expense of replacing it, you could take it up and varnish the flat part of the steps. You can then buy ‘stair stickers’, which are relatively cheap, to apply to the vertical risers. Multi-colours look fantastic, or you could even go for a design or lettering!


  1. Paint wooden furniture

An old chair or bedside cabinet can be transformed with just one or two coats of chalk paint. You don’t even need to clean or sand down the item first. Chalk paint is very forgiving and will look great even when applied by the most reluctant amateur decorator! It is also odour-free and dries quickly, and is available in lovely neutral or vibrant shades.

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